Absolutely a fantastic machine. We are absolutely shocked about the condition of the VOLLMER CHD251 you have delivered us– perfect! Best used machine we have purchased so far. - Markus Wagner/Wagner Carbide Saws/USA


I did talk to him recently and he thanked me for putting him in touch with you and that the refurbished machines were running perfectly well. - Rob Rzasa / Equipment Ltd./USA


Luca, my customer wants to know if there is another Vollmer CNE available. The last one you shipped was very good. - Paul Morette/Sharptool/USA


Yes we have received the 2nd hand machines and they are running extremely well. Thanks for your help. - Tim Cook/ Cook sharpening/USA


The machine works fine, I am very happy with your 2nd hand Utma AL805.  - Roland Bokkers /Loos Slijptechniek/ NL


The CHP 20H you have rebuilt looks like new and works perfectly! Very good job! - Sergei/Company Verde/Russia


Wir sind mit der 3 Schleifmaschinen sehr zufrieden - Mark Hoppe / Hoppeschliff/ Deutschland


Die von Euch überholte Widma AS810 arbeitet absolut einwandfrei. - Fa. Leeder/ Deutschland


On est très contents des machines achetées chez Vous. Quand on a besoin d’une affuteuse, je pense toute de suite à Vous. - Gilles Courteille / Safrec/ France


Les machines d’occasion qu’on a acheté chez vous sont super. - Longo Affutage/France


La Vollmer CHP che ho preso da voi funziona benissimo. - Affilatura Messi


La Peruzzi che mi avete consegnato è come nuova. - Salcon Affilatura


LA MVM MX150 y la Vollmer Finimat estan como nuevas, muchas gracias amigo. - Afiladura Lastra / Peru


La CX100 que ha revisado funciona a la perfección, felicitaciones a todo su personal. 

- Sistemas Alemanos/Mexico